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sCMOS VIS and VNIR - Excellent tool for scientific and commercial applications

Hyperspectral camera operating in the VIS and VNIR ranges of 380-800 nm and 400-1000 nm. With its extremely low noise, high resolution, high image rate, and rugged structure Spectral Camera sCMOS is an excellent tool for various scientific and commercial applications.

The Spectral Camera sCMOS consists of an ImSpector V8E or V10E and a high speed sCMOS area monochrome camera. It works as a pushbroom type line scan camera and provides full, contiguous spectral information for each pixel. The transmission diffraction grating and lens optics used in the spectrograph provide a high quality, low distortion image that is designed to fulfill the most demanding specifications. The Spectral Camera sCMOS provides outstanding performance with extremely low noise (a few electrons) and high signalto-noise ratio. Spatial resolution of 2184 pixels, image rate up to 100 images/s and adjustable binning make it a tool which can meet the highest hyperspectral imaging requirements.

Camera ModelsCMOS-CL-50-V8EsCMOS-CL-50-V10E
Spectral Range380-800 nm400-1000 nm
Spectral Resolution FWHM2.3 nm (30 µm slit)2.9 (30 µm slit)
Spectral Sampling0.44 - 3.5 nm0.63 - 5.07 nm
Spatial ResolutionAverage rms spot radius <9 µmAverage rms spot radius <9 µm
Slit Width30 µm (18, 50, 80 or 150 µm options)30 µm (18, 50, 80 or 150 µm options)
Effective Slit Width14.2 mm14.2 mm
SensorTemperature stabilized sCMOSTemperature stabilized sCMOS
Spatial Pixels21842184
Spectral Pixels946946
Pixel Pitch6.5 µm6.5 µm
Signal-to-noise ratio (peak)170:1 (no binning) to 680:1 (with 8x2 binning)170:1 (no binning) to 680:1 (with 8x2 binning)
Camera Output16 bit CameraLink16 bit CameraLink
Data CableLength 5mLength 5m
Camera ControlCameraLinkCameraLink
Frame GrabberBitFlow CarbonBitFlow Carbon
Frame Rate100 fps (full frame)100 fps (full frame)
Additional FeaturesAsymmetric spatial and spectral binning (SW)Asymmetric spatial and spectral binning (SW)
Exposure Time Range8.1 - 100 ms8.1 - 100 ms
Power Consumption60W60W
Input Voltage110/230 V, 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC110/230 V, 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC
Size (L x W x H)400 x 110 x 120 mm400 x 110 x 120 mm
Weight2.0 kg2.0 kg
Lens MountC-MountC-Mount
Operating+5...+30ºC, non-condensing+5...+30ºC, non-condensing