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Our monochrome, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral cameras are commonly used for the inspection of materials to analyze their shape, color, texture and chemical composition. Multi-spectral cameras including RGB cameras can be used for general purpose identification of objects based on their shape and color properties. For more precise analysis of a material, hyperspectral cameras can be used to extract information both about physical properties but also chemical makeup of a material. In applications requiring high precision color mapping and matching, hyperspectral provides a way of sensing minute differences in material colors. Analysis of display device pixels, verification of color in clothe dying processes and inspection of currency to uncover counterfeits are a few examples. Specifically, in art conservation applications, near-infrared capable cameras can be used to examine under lying drawings in paintings and also enhance features not visible to the naked eye such as in improving the readability of ancient manuscripts using both spectral analysis and image processing techniques.