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Software development, coding, programming

Channel Systems is a National Instrument (NI) Alliance Partner with recognized expertise in many of NI’s hardware and software products. Our certified LabVIEW developers have extensive experience developing professional applications. With LabVIEW, we can measure anything and control everything.

Data Aquisition and Measurement


LabVIEW’s open architecture allows us to build systems that provide connectivity to any measurement hardware. We can incorporate a new program with existing equipment to modernize your system without loss of your hardware investment.

Analysis and Processing


Our applications implement powerful analysis functionality to extract the useful information from any data set. Functions such as frequency analysis, signal generation, mathematics, filtering and statistical analysis give you the power to derive the key elements from your data. LabVIEW by default supports multicore processors providing increased speeds and better response time.



Presentation encompasses data visualization, user interface design, web publishing, report generation, data management and software connectivity. Let our developers build you a measurement specific interface that provides a rich, intuitive environment to present your data and control your equipment.