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Thermography Processor Optimization

Channel Systems offers a number of high-class infrared camera models suited to a variety of thermography application fields. Our thermography cameras are capable of non-destructive and contact free inspection allowing for efficient and accurate monitoring and analysis of the thermal changes of individual components.

Xenics Thermography:

Xenics Infrared Solutions can be easily adapted to different operating conditions. Xenics offers SWIR thermography cameras capable of measuring high temperatures at high speed, MWIR & LWIR cooled high speed cameras designed specifically for various thermography applications, and LWIR uncooled thermography cameras used to detect and measure the thermal radiation within their field of view.


InfraTec Thermography

InfraTec specializes in developing reliable high-class infrared camera models and thermography software for every application field, stationary or mobile. The modular structure of the measurement devices makes it easy to meet every application's specific demands.