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Unlock the Potential of Hyperspectral Imaging for your Business or Research

Specim Free Webinar Series on Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging provides detailed and actionable information about materials, objects and environments that would otherwise be undetectable. This technology has proven to optimize resource management, product quality, and decision-making in various industries and research fields.

It's multidisciplinary applications and compatibility with machine vision technologies make it a powerful tool for addressing complex industrial challenges and enabling new research discoveries.

Learn from the Experts

Specim is the leading global supplier of hyperspectral imaging solutions, offering the widest camera portfolio for different wavelength ranges to serve industry, research and governmental organizations worldwide.

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, they offer unrivaled expertise and continue to offer superior technology and support to every customer.

What to Expect

To learn more about Hyperspectral Imaging and how it can benefit your business, join Specim in this FREE webinar series where they will walk you through the benefits and challenges of different wavelength ranges (VNIR, NIR, SWIR and MWIR) and their typical applications.

They will also demonstrate the capabilities of Specim hyperspectral imaging systems, and discuss the techniques and illumination requirements for successful data collection, complete with a Q&A opportunity where you can ask questions specific to your application!

Who will benefit:

  • System integrators and machine builders

  • Researchers

  • Anyone looking to learn more about the potential of hyperspectral imaging

Register for the Webinars Below!

All webinars are free to attend. You can participate in all of them, or just the ones you prefer!

Registration for each webinar is open until the start of the webinar. To attend, follow the link and register to receive your personalized link to join. All webinars will be recorded and available for free following the event

Specim Free VNIR Webinar

The Power of VNIR Hyperspectral Imaging

Date: Thursday September 14, 2023

Common Applications: Vegetation & Agriculture, Phenotyping, Color & Density in Printing, Food Quality Inspection

Watch the FREE Webinar Recording!

Specim Free NIR Webinar

The Power of NIR Hyperspectral Imaging

Date: Thursday October 19th, 2023

Common Applications: Food & Feed Quality, Waste Sorting, Recycling, Moisture Measurement

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Specim Free SWIR Webinar

The Power of SWIR Hyperspectral Imaging

Date: Thursday November 16th, 2023

Common Applications: Chemical and Material Sorting, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Recycling, Mineral Mapping, Food & Agriculture, Moisture Content Distribution, Art Research and Archiving, Forensics

Watch the FREE Webinar Recording!

Specim MWIR Free Webinar

The Power of MWIR Hyperspectral Imaging

Date: Thursday January 18th, 2024

Common Applications: Black Plastics Sorting, Metal Industry, Geology & Mining

Watch the FREE Webinar Recording!

Discover the Power of LWIR Hyperspectral Imaging

The Power of LWIR Hyperspectral Imaging

Date: Thursday February 22nd, 2024

Common Applications: Mineral Exploration & Mapping, Environmental Analysis, Thermal Anomaly Detection, Defense & Security, and Classification of Gasses.

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Not sure which free webinar is right for you? Contact us and we are happy to help!