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Specim IQ App Contest Winners

Specim has announced that Dr. Rolf Saager and his team from Linköping University in Sweden are the winners of the 2019 Specim IQ App contest!

Dr. Saager's proposal 'Quantitative Spectral Imaging for Rapid Burn Wound Assessment' features an innovative approach to assessing burn wound severity with spectral imaging in the VNIR range. This application has the potential to help provide timely and appropriate treatment for burn victims and ultimately shorten duration of hospitalization as well as reduce unnecessary surgeries.

Specim's jury concluded that their proposed application presented a clear global need for more accurate and timely burn wound assessment compared to what is currently available. Dr. Saager's team demonstrated that their methods have solid scientific background and their measurements were planned and conducted well.

According to Dr. Saager, under controlled lab conditions, the integrated Specim IQ imager performed beyond expectation in terms of the data quality and spectral analysis. The intuitive design and simple-to-use push-button made camera handling easy, which is critical for clinical integration and acceptance.

Dr. Saager says he is very grateful for the chance to participate in this contest. "It is a real challenge to find a camera that can do both quantitative imaging and spectroscopy of biological tissue well," he states. "Given the opportunity to work with the Specim IQ, I find that it is a rare exception. I look forward to the further integration of the Specim IQ with our quantitative imaging techniques to provide a comprehensive and robust clinical tool in the wound and wound healing processes."

Dr. Saager will recieve a Specim IQ camera including a full Pro Accessories Pack for his outstanding proposal.

Congratulations to Dr. Saager and his team on all of their hard work!

Congratulations also to the runner-up contestants, Planetek Italia s.r.l. with their Application for early detection of Xyella fastidiosa bacteria in olive trees, and Aivisiontech for their Pre-Diagnosis System Design for Neonates.

Check out our Specim IQ App Contest Announcement for more information on the contest and our Specim IQ product page for my information on this cutting-edge VNIR hyperspectral camera!