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Home News & Blog Specim Releases SpecimONE Spectral Imaging Platform!

Specim has launched a complete spectral imaging platform designed for industrial sorting applications!

With SpecimONE, machine builders, vision systems integrators, and other OEM's will improve their time-to-market by taking advantage of SpecimONE's agile development practices and creating new sorting applications without coding or in-depth knowledge of hyperspectral imaging.

SpecimONE components

A powerful tool for industrial applications; SpecimONE consists of three essential parts:

1) Industry-proven Specim FX series hyperspectral camera

2) SpecimINSIGHT software to build classification models for sorting applications

3) SpecimCUBE powerful image processing hardware to run sorting models in real time

Check out the SpecimONE product page for more information, or Contact us!