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Home News & Blog Specim Releases Improved FX50 MWIR Hyperspectral Camera

Introducing the newly upgraded Specim FX50 mid-wave infrared (MWIR) hyperspectral camera!

Specim FX50 MWIR Hyperspectral Camera

The Specim FX50 is the first and only push-broom hyperspectral camera on the market covering the full 2.7 - 5.3 μm MWIR range.

With the ability to detect materials not detectable in any other wavelength or imaging method, such as hydrocarbons, minerals, oil and contamination on metal surfaces, it truly is a breakthrough product offering significant benefit in industrial sorting, quality control, process optimization and research. It revolutionizes the field of black plastic sorting, as it is the only product with the required wavelength range capable of sorting difficult black plastics for recycling.

The new Specim FX50 offers 25% better sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio, allowing for more accurate classification of materials with very similar spectral features. Upgrades also offer longer integration times, enhanced cooler lifetime, improved diagnostics and additional connector options!

Features and Benefits​

  • Temperature stabilized optics resulting in short stabilization time and consistent radiometric behavior
  • Integrated shutter
  • Integrated temperature sensors for real-time monitoring of camera temperature
  • Built-in image correction (AIE) - keystone and smile correction offering unified spectral calibration among devices
  • Unified spectral calibration between units
  • Spectral and spatial binning option for maximum flexibility
  • Freely selectable multiple regions of interest (MROI)
  • GigE Vision standard interface for easy integration
  • Standardized flexible mounting locations
  • 16-bit data resolution for accurate detectability
  • SpecimONE platform compatibility
  • Improved thermal management - Enhanced cooler lifetime for minimized downtime
  • Remote software updates
  • Rugged structure for ultimate durability in industrial applications


  • Black Plastics Sorting
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Geology & Mining
  • Safety and Security
  • Industrial Manufacturing
Specim Discover the Power of MWIR Hyperspectral Imaging Webinar

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