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Home Products Custom System Development Spectral IR IS Imaging System

Designed with the researcher and quality control lab in mind, these turn-key hyperspectral imaging systems are suited to many applications. Based on our industry-leading imaging spectrographs, you get both spatial and spectroscopic information from your target in a single, fast scan. 

Several configurations are available to permit imaging of horizontal and vertical targets. Use our standard bench-top scanner for smaller targets or the vertical scanner for targets such as faces or artwork. Field use is possible with our tripod or mirror scanner.

Spectral-IR IS - Hyperspectral Imaging System

The Spectral-IR IS systems include the following components (if needed):

  • Spectral camera
  • Objective lens (colour corrected)
  • Motorized scanner and camera mount
  • Sample illumination
  • Acquisition and visualization software
  • Order blocking filter
  • Water tight shipping case

Available in the following wavelength ranges:

  • VIS         380 –  780 nm
  • VIS/NIR   400 – 1000 nm
  • NIR         900 – 1700 nm
  • SWIR      1000 – 2500 nm