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Home Products Explosion Proof L4 Series Enclosure

The L4 explosion proof enclosure offers compliance with NEC Class I, Groups B, C and D and Class II, Groups E, F and G are covered under UL Listing 886. These Classifications and Groups are covered in Article 500 of the National Electrical Code.

The enclosure is also NEMA 4X rated, allowing use in a salt water washdown environment.
The enclosure will accommodate a maximum lens or ringlight diameter of 3.4″(due to the camera lens being offset from the window center) and a total lens/camera height of approximately 4.6″. Window diameter is 5.25″.

The internal camera mount allows the camera to be spaced up to 1.5″ closer to the viewport to accommodate shorter, wide angle lenses, or to use a ringlight.

The L4 enclosure includes a 1″ NPT tapped hole for conduit attachment. Additional conduit entries can be added if factory instructions are followed.

The overall weight of the enclosure is approximately 22 lbs.