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Home Products Imspector Spectrographs Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrograph 900-1700 nm
ImSpector for NIR (900-1700 nm) - easy integration and high optical performance

Specim ImSpectors designed for NIR (900-1700 nm) wavelength range can be used to transform an NIR camera with an InGaAs sensor into a line-scan spectral imaging device. ImSpectors provide easiest integration and highest optical performance for the NIR range on the market.

Spectral Range900-1700 nm
Dispersion110 nm/mm
Spectral Resolution5 nm (with 30μm slit)
Image Sizemax 7.6 (spectral) x 14.2 (spatial) mm
Spatial Resolutionrms spot radius <15μm
AberrationsNo astigmatism
Bending of spectral lines across spatial axisSmile < 5μm
Bending of spatial lines across spectral axisKeystone < 5μm
Numerical ApertureF/2.0
Slit Width, default30μm (50, 80 and 150μm upon request)
Slit Length14.2 mm
Optical InputTelecentric
Efficiency>50%, independent of polarization
Stray Light<0.5%
Size, OEM(W) 60 x (H) 60 x (L) 220 mm
Body, OEMAnonized aluminum tube
Lens and Camera MountStandard C-Mount for Lens, Standard C or U Mount Adapter for Camera
User AdjustmentsImage axis relative to detector rows, back focal length adjustable 1mm
Storage-20...+85 °C, non-condensing
Operating+5...+40°C, non-condensing