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TF Imaging Systems - Multispectral Image Aquisition and Analysis

The Spectral TF Imaging Systems are powerful multispectral image acquisition and analysis tools for spectroscopic characterization of materials.

Based on liquid crystal tunable filter technology, they permit easy spectral imaging of subjects at the wavelengths you choose.

Work with specific wavelengths or scan an entire range in seconds.

We currently have available a TF VIS system with a spectral range of 420-730 nm. A TF NIR spectral camera design is available upon request. CSI Spectral TF systems can be produced with a number of camera and lens options for customization to many spectral imaging applications.

The Spectral-TF systems provide simple, fast imaging. Combined with powerful acquisition and analysis software, these systems deliver superior spectral imaging.

Form factors are available for industrial, laboratory or portable applications.

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Spectral TF Imaging System Technical Specifications
Camera ModelSpectral TF VIS
Spatial Resolution4MP or 8MP
DetectorCooled or Uncooled CCD
Spectral Range420-730 nm
Bandwidth10/18/32 nm FWHM
Optical Format4/3" Format (22mm diagonal)
Frame Rate (Full Sensor)<26 fps
Binning10 Binning Settings
Exposure Time0 to 1000 seconds in 1ms increments
ADC Gain0 to 1023 counts
Read Noise<10 e- @ 20MHz
Minimum Incremental Step Size (LCTF)1 nm
Tuning Accuracy (LCTF)+/- FWHM/10
Uniformity (LCTF)FWHM/4
Lens MountC-Mount
Available Objective Lens Options16mm, 25mm, and others
Camera InterfaceUSB 3.0 or GigE
LCTF InterfaceUSB 1.1
Dimensions (Spectral Camera Only)55.5 x 12.4 x 23.9 (LxWxH)
Weight (Spectral Camera Only)6.5 Kg
Operating Temperature Range0 to 40 degree C
Storage Temperature Range-15 to 65 degree C
BodyPowder Coated Aluminum