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Home Products Longwave Infrared Lwir OWL 8-12 µm (LWIR)
OWL Thermal Hyperspectral Camera

Specim’s LWIR OWL is designed for the most demanding ground-based remote sensing and securit applications. Specim has integrated a state-of-the-art temperature stabilized LWIR imaging spectrograph with the highest sensitivity cooled MCT detector. Spectral Camera OWL covers the spectral range of 8 to 12 µm with high spectral selectivity of 84 bands (sampling of 48 nm) and extensive speed of up to 100 images per second.

Both of Specim’s LWIR spectral cameras are push-broom type line scan cameras that provide full, contiguous hyperspectral data for each pixel along the imaged line.

Spectral CameraOWL
Spectral range8 - 12 µm
Spectral bands84
Spectral resolution100 nm
Spectral sampling/band48 nm
Spatial pixels384
Field of viewWith 43mm lens: 24⁰, with 32mm lens: 32.2⁰
Spatial samplingWith 43mm lens: 0.063⁰, with 32mm lens: 0.084⁰
AberrationsInsignificant astigmatism, smile or keystone <0.1 pixels
Optics temperatureStabilized
Optical equivalent pixel size on slit level48 µm
Numerical aperatureF/2.0
Pixel size on detector level24 x 24 µm
CoolingStirling-cycle cooler
Camera output14-bit LVDS
Frame grabberNI-PCI 1422 or 1424 National Instruments
Frame rateUp to 100 fps
Shutter/ Internal calibrationYes/ Optional
Power consumption< 200 W + 400 W (calibrator)
SNRTarget 300K (x2 binning): 8 µm = 450, 10 µm = 580, 12 µm = 230
NESR (mW/m2srµm)8 µm = 21, 10 µm = 18, 12 µm = 40
Size (mm)255 x 285 x 223
Weight (kg)13.1
BodyAnodized aluminum and painted steel
Storage Temperature-20 - +50 ⁰C
Operating Temperature+5 - +40 ⁰C, non-condensing