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Home Products Longwave Infrared Lwir Specim FX120 (7.7 -12.3 µm)
Specim FX120 LWIR hyperspectral camera

Specim FX120 is an advanced long-wave infrared hyperspectral camera with a full spectral range of 7.7 to 12.3 µm and 160 spectral bands.

This fast push-broom thermal hyperspectral camera is set to redefine chemical imaging capabilities in challenging environments, day and night.

Operating in the LWIR spectral range combined with unparalleled sensitivity, the Specim FX120 can perform accurate mineral mapping, landmine, and ordnance detection and is sensitive to detect thermal anomalies and classify even gases.

Its compact, transferable, and robust design enables easy integration into existing systems, facilitating seamless adoption for various operating environments.

In conjunction with the SisuRock workstation, the Specim FX120 revolutionizes drill-core scanning. Specim FX120 can detect minerals undetectable by other wavelengths, and its speed and accuracy in capturing all sizes of core enhance productivity in drill-core analysis.

Spectral CameraFX120
Spectral range7.7 - 12.3 μm
Spectral resolution (FWHM)100 nm
Spectral sampling/pixel30 nm (without binning)
Spectral bands160
Numerical aperture2.0
Optics magnification0.5
Effective pixel size30 μm (at fore lens image plane)
Effective slit width104 μm (at fore lens image plane)
Effective slit length18.5 mm (at fore lens image plane)
Dynamic Range - Reflectance measurement4000:1 (1.5ms); 6000:1 (0.2ms)
Max SNR - Reflectance measurement2500:1 (1.5ms); 3000:1 (0.2ms)
Max SNR - Emission measurement500 (300 K target, averaged over spot size)
Spatial pixels616
Bit depth16
Maximum frame rate240 FPS (full image with default binning and 1ms integration time)
Binning1,2,4 spectral and spatial (default: 2 spectral x 1 spatial)
ROIFreely selectable multiple regions of interest
Pixel operability>= 95%
Image corrections Non uniformity correction, bad pixel replacement, Automatic Image Enhancement (AIE)
Sensor materialMCT
Integrated coolerStirling
Full well capacity20 Me-
Read-out modesITR
Optics temperatureTEC-stabilized
Lens mountCustom mount
Fore lens optionsOLEL43, OLEL32
Field of View24 deg, 32 deg
Camera digital data output/control interfaceGigE Vision, Custom ethernet
Camera control protocolsGenICam, JSON-RPC
Power input24 V DC
Power consumption150 W
ConnectorsEthernet, Aux, Power, Trig In, Trig Out
Dimensions (L x W x H)250 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
Weight16 kg
Storage temperature-20 to +50 °C
Operating temperature+5 to +40 °C