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ImageIR 8300 Z

The ImageIR camera series is a high-precision measurement solution that has been an indispensable tool in high-quality research, development and automation solutions for many years.

The combination of this thermal imaging system with a premium 30× zoom lens facilitates complex observation and investigation, such as border control, vehicle observation and monitoring of the environment or animals. The detection range is outstanding: vehicles can be detected up to 18km and persons up to 15km.

The rugged and exact power zoom together with the high-performance 30× zoom lens achieves a continuously adjustable field of view from (39.8×32.3)° down to (1.3×1.0)° with a detector format of (1,280×1,024) IR pixels. Therefore, also objects being far away can be displayed with a high-resolution infrared image. The camera versions ImageIR® 8300 Z and ImageIR® 9300 Z with detector formats of (640×512) and (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels are available.

The customisable software interface offers time coded real-time playback

InfraTec ImageIR 8300 Z Technical Specifications
Camera ModelImageIR 8300 Z
Spectral range3.6 - 4.9 µm
Detector format (IR Pixels)640 x 512
Image acquisitionSnapshot