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Infratec ImageIR® 9300 High-end Thermography Camera
Infratec ImageIR 9300 - Thermography Camera

ImageIR® 9300 was developed for demanding operations in research and development, non-destructive material testing and process monitoring sectors. Its modular structure, which consists of optical-, detector- and interface-modules, makes it easily adaptable to the respective application.

Camera ModelImageIR® 9300
Spectral Range2.0 - 5.7 µm
Pitch15 µm
Detector InSb
Detector Format (IR pixels)1,280x1,024
Image format with opto-mechanical MicoScan (IR pixels)2,560x2,048
Image AcquisitionSnapshot
Readout ModeITR/IWR
Aperture Ratiof/2.0 or f/4.6
Detector CoolingStirling Cooler
Termperature Measuring Range-40 - 1,500°C, up to 2,000 °C depending on model
Measurement Accuracy± 1 °C or ± 1%
Temperature Resolution @ 30°C0.025 k
Frame Rate (full/half/quarter/sub frame) Depending on ModelUp to 106/200/390/3,200 Hz
Window ModeYes
FocusManually, motorised or automatically depending on model
Dynamic RangeUp to 16 bit depending on model
Integration Time0.5 - 18,000 µs
Rotating Filter Wheel Depending on ModelUp to 5 positions
Rotating Aperture Wheel Depending on ModelUp to 5 positions
Multi Intergration Time Depending on ModelYes
InterfacesGigE, 10GigE (depending on model), 2X CamLink (depending on model), HDMI (depending on model)
Trigger 3 IN/2 OUT, TTL
Analalogue Signals or IRIG B Depending on Model1 IN/2 OUT, yes
Tripod Adapter1/4" and 3/8" photo thread, 2 X M5
Power Supply24 V DC, wide-range power supply ) 100-240 V AC
Storage and Operation Temperature -40 - 70°C, -20 - 50°C
Protection DegreeIP54, IEC 60529
Dimensions, Weight235 x 120 x 160 mm, 4.0 kg (without lens)