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ImageIR® 9300 Z - Thermal Imaging System

With ImageIR® 9300 Z, InfraTec presents a sophisticated long range infrared camera system in combination with an incredibly powerful zoom lens. State-of-the-art InSb detector technology with a resolution of (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels offers sensitive, high-resolution imaging capacity for 24/7 operation even through fog, smoke, day and night.

Frame rates of up to 100 Hz make this camera capable of supporting demanding imaging, tracking and monitoring tasks. With an outstanding detection range, vehicles can be detected up to 18 km and persons up to 15 km. 

The rugged and exact power zoom together with the high-performance 30× zoom lens allows for a continuously adjustable field of view from (39.8 × 32.3)° down to (1.3 × 1.0)° with a detector format of (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels, allowing far away objects to be displayed with a high-resolution infrared image.  The customizable software interface offers time coded real-time playback.

Infratec ImageIR® 9300 Z Technical Specifications
Camera ModelImageIR® 9300 Z
Spectral range3.6 - 4.9 µm
Pitch15 µm
Detector format (IR Pixels)1,280 x 1,024
Image acquisitionSnapshot
Readout modeITR/IWR
Aperture ratiof/5.5
Detector coolingStirling cooler
Temperature measuring range-10 - 200°C, up to 500°C
Temperature resolution @ 30°C0.02 K
Frame rate (full/half/quarter/sub frame)50/200/390/3,400 Hz
Window mode Yes
FocusMotor focus with absolute focussing
Focusing time300m up to ∞, ≤ 0.5s
Lens focal length28-850mm (30x optical zoom)
Zoom setting time100-850mm ≤ 2s
Field of view(39.8 x 32.3)° ... (1.3 x 1.0)°
Minimum object distance3-50 m
Max detection range (vehicle/person)18/ 15 km
Max identification range (vehicle/person)12/ 9.5 km
Dynamic range14 Bit
Integration time0.5-18,000 µs
Multi integration timeYes
Image synchonizationInternal, IRIG-B, external
InterfacesGigE Vision compatible, RS232, USB 2.0
TriggerSyncIN, 2 IN/ 2 OUT, IRIG
Tripod adapter8 x M6
Power supply24 V DC, wide range power supply (1-240) V AC
Storage and operation temperature-40 - 70°C, -20 - 50°C
Protection degreeIP54, IP65
Dimensions, weight360x240x270mm, 17.5 kg