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ImageIR 6300 Z

The zoom camera ImageIR 6300 Z is a small, lightweight, compact system for universal use in thermographic temperature measurements in a wide range of applications. It features a 7.5x zoom lens integrated as standard, which allows, in combination with the motorized focus, a fast and flexible adjustment to different object distances and sizes while maintaining stable image quality and high measurement accuracy.

The ImageIR 6300 Z features a cooled focal-plane array photon detector with a format (640x512) IR  pixels, which operates in snapshot mode. The maximum IR frame rate is 180 Hz and can be increased to 600 Hz with binning. Switching between the two speed modes is conveniently done via software and allows exact time tracking of fast processes.

Camera ModelImageIR 6300 Z
Pitch10 µm
Spectral range3.6 - 4.15 µm
Detector format (IR pixels)640 x 512
Image acquisitionSnapshot
Readout modeITR/ IWR
Aperture ratioF/3.6
Detector coolingStirling cooler
Temperature measuring range-10 - 600°C
Measuring accuracy± 2°C or ± 2%
Temperature resolution at 30°C0.03 K
Frame rateUp to 180 Hz; high-speed mode: Up to 600Hz
FocusMotorized: manual or automatic
Focusing time< 2.0 s
Lens focal length15-155mm or 25-170mm, 7.5x optical zoom
Zoom setting time< 2.0 s
Field of view(24.5 × 20)° … (3.2 × 2.5)° or (16.3 … 13)° … (2.15 × 1.7)°
Minimum object distance0.05-2.5m or 0.1-10m
Dynamic range13 bit
Integration time1-40,000 µs
Trigger1 IN/ 1 OUT
Tripod adapter1/4" photo thread, 18x M4
Power supply12 V DC
Storage and operation temperature-40 - 70°C, - 20 - 50°C
Protection degree IP54, IP65
Dimensions; weight230x100x100mm or 265x100x100mm; 2.0 Kg
Further functionsIntegrated image processing and acquisition, control via web interface, high-speed mode
Analysis and evaluation softwareIRBIS 3, IRBIS 3 View, IRBIS 3 Plus, IRBIS 3 Professional, IRBIS 3 Control, IRBIS 3 Online, IRBIS 3 Process, IRBIS 3 Active, IRBIS 3 Mosaic, IRBIS 3 Vision