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The InfraTec ImageIR 9500 is a highly sensitive cooled focal plan array photon detector based on mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) providing 1,280x720 IR pixels. The geometrical resolution can be further increased to 2,560 x 1,440 IR pixels with InfraTec's MicroScan function.

Due to the outstanding thermal sensitivity up to 0.025 K, users can create low-noise, fine-resolution images using the quadruplication of the image formats.

The ImageIR 9500 impresses with extremely short integration times in the microsecond range and very high frame rates of 120Hz, which increases to 1,500Hz in sub-frame with (320x180) IR pixels.

Suitable for highly demanding applications in science, industry, object monitoring and microthermographic analysis of extremely small strucutres, the camera is equipped with an integrated 10 GigE interface that enables data exchange at a speed of 10 Gbps.

Multiple lens options available includuing standard, telephoto, supertelephoto, close-up telephoto and microscopic lenses.

InfraTec ImageIR 9500 Technical Specifications
Camera ModelImageIR 9500
Spectral range3.5 - 4.8 µm
Pitch12 µm
Detector format (IR pixels)1,280 x 720
Image format with opto-mechanical MicroScan (IR pixels)2,560 x 1,440
Image acquisitionSnapshot
Readout modeITR/ IWR
Aperture ratiof/2.0
Detector coolingStirling cooler
Temperature measuring range-20 - 1,200°C, up to 2,000°C
Measurement accuracy± 1 °C or ± 1 %
Temperature resolution @ 30°CBetter than 0.025 K
Frame rate (full/half/quarter/sub frame)Up to 120 Hz/ 446 Hz/ 1,517 Hz/ 16,053 Hz
Window modeYes
FocusManually, motorised or automatically
Dynamic range14 bit
Integration time1 - 20,000 μs
Rotating aperture wheel and filter wheelUp to 5 positions
Interfaces10 GigE, GigE, 2x CAMLink, HDMI
Trigger3 IN / 2 OUT, TTL
Analogue signals, IRIG B2 IN / 2 OUT, yes
Tripod adapter1/4" and 3/8" photo thread, 2x M5
Power supply24 V DC, wide-range power supply (100-240)V AC
Storage and operation temperature(-40 … 70) °C, (-20 … 50) °C
Protection degreeIP54, IEC 60529
Dimensions, weight(241 x 123 x 160)mm; 4.7 kg (without lens)
Analysis and evaluation softwareIRBIS 3, IRBIS 3 View, IRBIS 3 Plus, IRBIS 3 Professional, IRBIS 3 Control, IRBIS 3 Online, IRBIS 3 Process, IRBIS 3 Active, IRBIS 3 Mosaic, IRBIS 3 Vision