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Bobcat 320 TE0 WL Series

The Bobcat 320 TE0 and WL series are based on an in-house developed, uncooled InGaAs detector with a 320 x 256 pixel resolution. The cameras are available with GigE Vision interface, 400 Hz maximum frame rate and feature low weight and power.

The Bobcat 320 WL comes with a windowless uncooled detector, specifically targeting laser beam analysis and laser wave front sensing applications.

Camera ModelBobcat 320 TE0 GigE 400Bobcat 320 WL GigE 400
Image format (pixels)320 x 256320 x 256
Pixel pitch (µm)2020
Detector typeInGaAs photodiode array with CTIA ROICInGaAs photodiode array with CTIA ROIC
Sensor temperature stabilizationUncooledUncooled & Windowless detector
Integration typeSnapshot - global shutterSnapshot - global shutter
Active area and diagonal (mm)6.4 x 5.12 (diagonal 8.2)6.4 x 5.12 (diagonal 8.2)
Optical fill factor100%100%
Spectral range (nm)900-1700900-1700
Quantum efficiency~80% [typical peak value]~80% [typical peak value]
Gain modesSingle GainSingle Gain
Full well capacities (electrons)70K70K
Read noise (electrons)110110
Dark current (electrons/second)<2E6 [for 150 mV reverse bias] typically<2E6 [for 150 mV reverse bias] typically
Read out modeITRITR
Pixel operability>99.5%>99.5%
Preconfigured exposure time range (ms)0.5 to 40.5 to 4
Max frame rate (Hz) (full frame)400400
Region of interestYesYes
Min region size (pixels)32 x 4 [step 4 x 1]32 x 4 [step 4 x 1]
Max frame rate [Hz] [min region size]>10000>10000
Analog-to-Digital [ADC] [bits]1414
Command and controlGigE VisionGigE Vision
Digital output formatGigE Vision [16 bit]GigE Vision [16 bit]
TriggerIn or out via SMA [Configurable]In or out via SMA [Configurable]
Operating case temperature [°C]From -40 to +70From -40 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]From -45 to +85From -45 to +85
Power consumption [W]44
Optical InterfaceC-mount or M42C-mount or M42
IP rating IP40IP40