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SPECIM launches a new fully redesigned and re-engineered hyperspectral SWIR camera with breakthrough features.

Specim’s new high-speed hyperspectral camera in the SWIR range (1000 – 2500 nm) has more spatial pixels (384) and still achieves much faster image rates up to 400 frames per second using CameraLink connection.

To assure indoor/outdoor usage in varying conditions it now has rugged weather-proof IP54 casing and temperature stabilized optics but still uses less power than before, only 50W nominal.

With its temperature stabilized optics, it provides the stability and sensitivity required in today’s most challenging nearinfrared chemical imaging applications, from pharmaceutical quality assurance to food and agriculture analysis. The camera meets the highest requirements in lab, industry and field.

Spectral Range1000 - 2500 nm
Spectral Resolution FWHM12 nm (30 µm slit)
Spectral Sampling5.6 nm
Spatial Resolutionrms spot radius < 15 µm
Slit Width30 µm (50 or 80 µm option)
Effective Slit Width9.2 mm
DetectorCryogenically cooled MCT detector
Spatial Pixels384
Spectral Bands288
Pixel Size24 x 24 µm
Detector CoolingStirling, 25000 h MTTF
Optics Temperature StabilizationYes
Camera Output16 bits CL
SNR1050:1 (at max. signal level)
Data CableLength 5 meters
Frame GrabberNational Instruments NI 1427
Camera ControlUSB/ RS232
Frame Rate450 fps (maximum full frame)
Exposure Time Range0.1 - 20 ms
Power ConsumptionNominal < 50 W
Input VoltageWide 24 V
BodyAnodized aluminum with mounting screw holes
Lens MountStandard C-Mount
User AdjustmentsNone
ShutterElectro-mechanical shutter for dark image acquisition
Operating+5...+40ºC, non-condensing
LUMO supportYes
SDK supportYes
MountingStandard mounting - see datasheet for illustration
AccessoriesLenses, radiometric calibration, white calibration tile, scanner stages