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Specim AFX17

The Specim AFX17 is an NIR hyperspectral imaging solution featuring a hyperspectral camera, small and powerful computer, and high-end GNSS/IMU unit in one compact enclosure. It is a state-of-the-art solution weighing only 2.4kg that can be used on multiple drone types - multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal. Data is acquired automatically following the waypoints on a flight plan, making the Specim AFX17 easy to operate.

Specim AFX17 Technical Specifications
Spectral CameraAFX17
Spectral range900-1700 nm
Spectral sampling3.5 nm
Spectral resolution8.0 nm
Fore lens focal length18 mm
Field of view38 deg
Spectral bands224Binned by 2
Spatial pixels640
Spectral binning options1, 2, 4, 8
Spatial binning options1, 2
Multiple ROIUser-selectable
Maximum frame rate670 fpsFull frame
Dynamic range3400
SNR1200:1Binned by 1 spectrally, 1 spatially
Power input10-30 VDCUse the supplied battery or drone/gimbal power
Power consumption24 WTypical
ConnectorsANT, DC IN, ETHGPS antenna, Power input, Ethernet
Storage temperature-20 … +50C
Operating temperature+5 … +40C
Relative humidity5-90%
Drone optionsMultirotor with gimbal, multirotor, no gimbal fixed wing UAVAny drone with adequate payload capacity can be used
GimbalOptimized for MoVI proOther suitable gimbals may also be used
Gimbal weight2.2-2.5 kgTypical gimbal solution
Operating height50-150 mLocal limitations may apply
GNSS/IMUTrimble APX-15
GPS AntennaTrimble AV 14
DImensions (W x H x L)131 x 152 x 202 mm
Weight (without gimbal)2.4 kg
Weight (with gimbal)~5 kg