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CSI LNIR Relay Lens Assembly

The CSI LNIR20 Relay Lens Assembly was specifically developed for use with the VariSpec Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters (LCTF). The typical implementation for mounting a VariSpec LCTF filter with an area scan camera is to attach the filter to the face of the objective lens. This prevents several challenges including significant image vignetting and difficulties in adjusting the image focus.

To address these issues, the relay lens moves the VariSpec LCTF filter between the objective lens and the camera sensor minimizing the vignette effect and allowing for easy focus adjustment and replacement of objective lenses.

Due to the discontinuation of production of VariSpec LCTF's by the manufacturer, CSI Relay Lens Assemblies are limited in stock. We have available a standard relay lens assembly for a VariSpec LNIR filter.

Custom relay lens assemblies can be developed for other spectral ranges and applications upon request, including the ThorLabs Kurios LCTF. Please contact us for details!

Comparison of Image Vignetting with Relay Lens
CSI LNIR Relay Lens Assembly Technical Specifications
Relay Lens ModelLNIR20
Part NumberCSI-LNIR20-Relay
Spectral Range900-1700 nm
LCTF Bandwidth20 nm
Sensor Size Supported16.4 mm
Adjustable IrisNo
Aperture20 mm
Optical InterfaceC-mount