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24C Series Enclosure - Small & Light with Tool-less Access to the Camera and Lens

The 24C series enclosure handles up to a 44mm x 30mm cross-section inline camera. It will also accommodate ringlights up to 55mm in diameter. It is especially useful for robot applications, and is small & light enough to be mounted on the arm or end effector. The enclosure provides tool-less access to the camera & lens, and comes standard with a PG21 drillable cord grip.

Other options include glass or acrylic windows, air cooling, and an air curtain option that blows a film of air over the outside of the viewing window. This is effective in keeping dust, water and oil mist off the window.The enclosure comes standard with a clear hardcoat anodized finish, and can be supplied in a variety of colors and finishes.

Optional Pan & Tilt mount is also available.

Enclosure is constructed of 6061 aluminum (body, barrel & faceplate). Window is glass or acrylic. All supplied fasteners are 18-8 stainless steel. Fasteners to mount your camera are included. Interior size with standard 6.4″ barrel is: 2.25″ (57 mm) dia. by 7.25″ (184 mm) in length.

NOTE: The construction of this enclosure does not meet standards for food applications.

Weight: 19 oz with standard barrel & PG21 cord grip.