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Xenics Exosens Crius Series LWIR Thermal Cores

High-Resolution, Ultra Compact Uncooled LWIR Thermal Core

The Xenics Crius series are true SWaP optimized and affordable high-resolution uncooled LWIR thermal imaging camera cores, featuring shutter-less technology and generating outstanding thermal profile.

Thanks to it's amazing compact size and outstanding resolution, Crius series cores enable enhancement of electro optical systems performance with a major benefit being DRI (Detection Recognition Identification), a key factor for long range observation platforms in Search and Rescue and surveillance of sensitive areas. 

It's generic design ensures easy integration and retrofit of existing E/O systems in Defense and Security applications.

Xenics Exosens Crius Technical Specifications
Camera ModelCrius 640Crius 1280
Image format640 x 480 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels
Pixel pitch12 µm12 µm
Spectral range8 - 14 µm8 - 14 µm
Max frame rate60 Hz60 Hz
Operating temperature range-20°C to +60°C-20°C to +60°C
Power consumption< 1.2 W< 2.8 W
QualificationIndustrial (Standard grade)Industrial (Standard grade)
Max NETD (F/1, 300K, 30 Hz)<50 mK or <40 mK (available upon request)<50 mK
Output optionsCL, SDI, DF40CL, SDI, DF40
Dimensions30 x 30 x 23 mm335 x 35 x 27 mm3
Weight< 38 g< 90 g
Imaging processingBPC (Bad Pixel Correction), NUC (Non Uniformity Correction), Shutterless NUCBPC (Bad Pixel Correction), NUC (Non Uniformity Correction), AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
Image optimizationAGC (Automatic Gain Control)AGC (Automatic Gain Control)