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Specim FX17 NIR Hyperspectral Camera

Specim's award winning FX17 is a small, fast & affordable NIR hyperspectral camera specifically designed for industrial machine vision.

SMALL SIZE: Specim FX17 has a much smaller footprint than traditional hyperspectral cameras

FAST OPTICS: High sensitivity enables good signal with short integration times. High signal to noise ratio enables better detection accuracy on high speeds.

FLEXIBILITY: Free wavelength selection from 224 bands

HIGH SPEED: More frames per second than you ever need! Full range (224 bands) = 670 fps, three specific regions selected (4 bands) = 15000 fps

PLUG N' PLAY: Every Specim FX17 unit gives idential results.

INTEGRATION: Acquisition software & SDK: LUMO Toolkit. Camera Interface: CameraLink or GigE Vision


Spectral CameraFX17
Spectral Range900-1700 nm
Spectral Bands224
Spectral FWHM8 nm
Spatial Sampling640 pixels
Frame Rate670 fps full frame, 15000 fps with 4 bands selected
Camera SNR (Peak)1000:1
Camera InterfaceCameraLink or GigE Vision
Dimensions150 x 85 x 75 mm
Weight1.56 kg