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Home Products Near Infrared Nir Specim GX17 (950-1700 nm)
GX17 Image

Specim GX17 is a high-speed push-broom hyperspectral camera operating in the NIR spectral range (950 – 1700 nm).

The GX17 identifies objects that are invisible to the human eye on conveyor belts and free fall systems moving at high speed. It is a powerful and accurate tool for inline sorting, inspection, and quality control and offers the best cost–performance ratio in high volumes.

The GX17 features 50% more pixels compared to conventional QVGA (320 px) sensor-based HSI cameras. The high spatial resolution, light-throughput and signal quality make Specim GX17 the most high-performing hyperspectral camera in it's class!



Spectral CameraGX17
Spatial pixels480
Spatial resolution (FWHM)1.5 pixel
Spectral range950-1700 nm (various depending on ambient temperature)
Spectral resolution (FWHM)8 nm (mean)
Spectral sampling/pixel4.6 nm
Spectral bands168
Numerical aperture1.7
Optics magnification0.80
Effective pixel size24.9 µm (slit plane)
Effective slit width42 µm (slit plane)
Effective slit length12.0 mm (slit plane)
SNR @ max signal700
Bit depth16 (effective bits: 14)
Maximum frame rate800 fps (with 0.5 ms integration time)
Pixel operability99.5%
Image correctionsWith SpecimCUBE (without camera-internal correction)
Sensor materialsInGaAs
Sensor coolingNo
Full well capacity550 ke-
Read-out noise110 e-
Mechanical shutterShutterless
Read-out modesITR
Lens mountCustom mount
Fore lens FOV options12 deg, 38 deg, 53 deg, 66 deg, 75 deg (C-mount lens), 90 deg (C-mount lens)
Camera digital data output/control interfaceCameraLink
Camera control protocolsGenCP
Power input10 - 32 VDC
Power consumption7.5 W (typical)
Triggers2 in and 2 out
ConnectorsPower M8-4pin; Control M12-12pin, Camera Link SDR
Dimensions (LxWxH)202 mm x 75 mm x 102 mm
Weight1.9 kg (spectral camera)
Storage temperature-20°C ... +50°C (non-condensing)
Operating temperature+5°C ... +40°C (non-condensing)
Relative humidity5% – 95% (non-condensing)