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Ximea xiSpec NIR

This Ximea xiSpec NIR model is a mosaic snapshot hyperspectral camera sensitive in the NIR (655-975 nm) range. It features 25 bands, a 5x5 filter array, and a spatial resolution of 409x217 pixels. With it's low power consumption, high frame rates, and robust design, it is the ideal choice for mobile applications such as drones and handheld devices!

Ximea xiSpec Snapshot Mosaic NIR Technical Specifications
Camera ModelMQ022HG-IM-SM5X5-NIR
Spectral Range655-975 nm
Spectral Bands25
Spatial Resolution409 x 217 pixels
Frame RateUp to 170 cubes/sec
Sensor TypeCMOS, Hyperspectral filters added at wafer-level
Sensor ModelSnapshot Mosaic
Sensor Size2/3"
Bits per pixel8, 10 bit RAW pixel data
InterfaceUSB 3.1 Gen1 or PCI Express (xiX camera model)
Power Requirements1.6 Watt
Lens MountC or CS Mount
Weight 32 grams
Dimensions (WxHxD)26 x 26 x 31 mm
Operating Temperature50°C