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Ximea xiSpec REDNIR

This Ximea xiSpec REDNIR model is a mosaic snapshot hyperspectral camera sensitive in the 600-850nm spectral range. It features 16 spectral bands, a 4x4 filter array, and spatial resolution of 512x272 pixels. It is USB3 Vision compliant and is the smallest and lightest hyperspectral camera available at 26 x 26 x 31 mm and 32g.

Ximea xiSpec Snapshot Mosaic RED NIR Technical Specifications
Camera ModelMQ022HG-IM-SM4X4-REDNIR
ResolutionOriginal: 2048 x 1088 Spatial: 512 x 272
Frame ratesUp to 170 cubes/sec
Sensor typeCMOS, hyperspectral filters added at wafer-level
Sensor modelIMEC SNm4x4
Sensor size2/3"
Sensor active area16 Bands
Readout methodSnapshot Mosaic
Pixel size5.5 um
ADC -Bits per pixel8, 10 bit RAW pixel data
Data interfaceUSB 3.1 Gen1 or PCI Express
Power consumption1.6 Watt
Lens mountC or CS Mount
Weight 32 grams
Dimensions WxHxD26 x 26 x 31 mm
Operating temperature50 ┬░C
Spectral range600 - 850 nm