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Bobcat 640 - Digital Infrared Camera System

With superior image quality, the Bobcat-640-GigE is available as a complete digital infrared camera system with on-board image processing. The Bobcat-640-GigE comes with an industry-standard GigE Vision interface making it much easier to integrate into your own set-up.

With the Bobcat-640-GigE SWIR camera you can look through glass, so standard available C-Mount lenses and protective camera housings can be used. There are two versions of the Bobcat-640-GigE available: A SWIR version sensitive from 0.9 to 1.7 µm, and a VisNIR version with sensitivity from 0.4 to 1.7 µm. The Bobcat-640-GigE has Thermo Electric (TE) stabilization which reduces dark current and optimizes the noise performance.

Also available is the ultra-compact Bobcat-640-CL, which meets the needs of machine vision system designers who require high sensitivity in the SWIR range for specialized quality inspection and high temperature process control. The Bobcat-640-CL is perfectly suited for high speed imaging at full 640x512 resolution with high frame rates up to 100 Hz. The camera comes with an industry-standard CameraLink interface for data transfer at full frame rate. The frame rate can be even further increased in windowing mode. Several compatible frame grabbers for the CamerLink interface are available.

The Bobcat-640-CL comes as a complete camera with on-board image processing and Thermo Electric stabilization for low dark current and optimized noise performance, all resulting in superior image quality. A VisNIR option extends the wavelength into the visible realm for best sensitivity in low-light applications.

Xenics Bobcat 640 Technical Specifications
Camera ModelBobcat-640-GigEBobcat-640-CL
Array typeInGaAs Focal Plane Array (FPA) ROIC with CTIA topologyInGaAs Focal Plane Array (FPA) ROIC with CTIA topology
Spectral band0.9 - 1.7 μm (VisNIR option 0.4 - 1.7μm)0.9 - 1.7 μm (VisNIR option 0.4 - 1.7μm)
Resolution640 x 512640 x 512
Pixel pitch20 μm20 μm
Peak quantum efficiency (QE)80% (SWIR), 85% (VisNIR)80% (SWIR), 85% (VisNIR)
ROIC noiseHigh gain: 60e-, Low gain: 400e-High gain: 60e-, Low gain: 400e-
Dark current 0.19 x 10⁶ e-/s/pixel or 30 fA @ 200 mV bias at 288 K <1E5 (at 288K sensor temp and 150mV reverse bias) , vSWIR: <2E5
Integration capacitorHigh gain: 6.7 fF, Low gain: 85 fFHigh gain: 6.7 fF, Low gain: 85 fF
Array coolingTE1-stabilizedTE1-stabilized
Pixel operability>99%>99%
Optical interfaceC-mountC-mount
Max frame rate (full frame)100 Hz100 Hz
Window of interestMinimum size 32x4Minimum size 32x4
Integration typeSnapshotSnapshot
Integration time range1 μs - 40 ms1 μs - 40 ms
Noise level: High gain 120 e- 120 e-
Noise level: Low gain400 e-400 e-
ADC14 bit14 bit
Camera controlGigE VisionCameraLink
Image acquisitionGigE VisionCameraLink
TriggerTrigger in or out (configurable)Trigger in or out (configurable)
Power consumption4 W2.8 W
Power supply12 V12 V
Operating case temperature -40ºC to 70ºC (industrial components) -40ºC to 70ºC (industrial components)
Storage temperature range -45 to 85°C -45 to 85°C
Dimensions (WxHxL mmᵌ)55 x 55 x 8255 x 55 x 72
Weight camera head334 g285 g