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Xeva 1.7 320 - Hyerspectral and Thermal Imaging

In one compact housing, the Xeva-1.7-320 digital camera combines a thermo-electrically cooled InGaAs detector head and the control and communication electronics. The Xeva-1.7-320 unit is available with standard (up to 1.7 µm) InGaAs detector arrays and comes in various speed versions: 60 Hz, 100 Hz and 350 Hz. It allows you to choose the most suitable detector-camera configuration for your specific application. The camera head interfaces to a PC via standard USB or CameraLink.

Each camera is delivered with a graphical user interface Xeneth, which offers direct access to various camera settings such as exposure time and operating temperature. The software tools include two-point non-uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement.

Xenics Xeva 1.7 320 Technical Specifications
Camera ModelXeva-1.7-320
Detector typeInGaAs
Spectral range0.9 μm to 1.7 μm (VisNIR optional 0.4 to 1.7 μm)
Image format320 (w) x 256 (h) pixels
Pixel pitch30 μm
Array coolingTE1 - cooled (Optional: TE3)
Pixel operability>99%
Focal lengthBroad selection of lenses available
Optical interfaceC-mount Spectrograph fixation holes
Max frame rate (full frame)60 z, 100 z, or 350 Hz
Integration typeSnapshot
Integration time range1 μs - 100 s
Noise level: Low gain6 AD counts on 14 bit
Noise level: High gain15 AD counts on 14 bit
S/N ratio: Low gain68 dB
S/N ratio: High gain60 dB
Analog-to-Digital (ADC)12 or 14 bit
Command and controlUSB 2.0
Image acquisitionUSB 2.0 or CameraLink
TriggerTTL Levels
Graphical user interfaceXeneth Advanced
Power consumption<4 W without TEC operation; 25 W at maximum cooling
Power supplyDC 12 V
Camera cooling Forced convection cooling
Ambient operating temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (w x h x l) - excluding lens90 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight (excluding lens)+/- 1.8 kg