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Xeva 1.7 320 - Hyerspectral and Thermal Imaging

In one compact housing, the Xeva-1.7-320 TE3 digital camera combines a thermo-electrically cooled InGaAs detector head and the control and communication electronics.

The Xeva-1.7-320 TE3 unit is available with standard (up to 1.7 μm) InGaAs detector arrays and comes in various speed versions: 60 Hz, 100 Hz and 350 Hz. It allows you to choose the most suitable detector-camera configuration for your specific application.

The camera head interfaces to a PC via standard USB 2.0 or CameraLink.

Each camera is delivered with agraphical user interface Xeneth, which offers direct access to various camera settings such as exposure time and operating temperature. The software tools include two-point uniformity correction and bad pixel replacement.

Xenics Xeva-1.7-320 TE3 Technical Specifications
Camera ModelXeva-1.7-320 TE3
Detector type InGaAs
Spectral range0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
Image format320 (w) x 256 (h) pixels
Pixel pitch30 μm
Array coolingTE3-cooled
Pixel operability> 99%
Lens Focal length16 mm f/1.4
Lens Optical interfaceC-mount - Spectrograph fixation holes
Max frame rate (full frame)60 Hz, 100 Hz, 350 Hz
Integration typeSnapshot
Integration time range1 μs - 100 s
Noise level: Low gain6 AD counts on 14 bit
Noise level: High gain15 AD counts on 14 bit
S/N ratio: Low gain68 dB
S/N ratio: High gain60 dB
Analog-to-Digital (ADC)12 bits or 14 bits
Command and controlUSB 2.0
Image acquisitionUSB 2.0 or CameraLink
TriggerTTL levels
Graphic User InterfaceXeneth Advanced
Power consumption< 4W without TEC operation; 25 W at maximum cooling
Power supplyDC 12 V
Camera coolingForced convection cooling
Ambient operating temperature range0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (W x H x L) - excluding lens90 x 110 x 110 mm
Weight - excluding lens+/- 1.8 kg