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Cheetah 640 - InGaAs Camera for Low Light Level Imaging

The Cheetah-640CL TE3 camera is a high resolution, compact infrared camera, equipped with a dedicated low noise InGaAs detector array working from 0.9 μm up to 1.7 μm.

With its TE3 cooled sensor and water-cooled camerahead, the Cheetah-640CL TE3 is a highly sensitive camera achieving ultra low dark current at long integration times. It offers you an excellent measurement tool to image low light levels in the SWIR range such as for semiconductor failure analysis or for luminescence spectroscopy applications.

The Cheetah-640CL TE3 is delivered with a software development kit which offers direct access to various camera settings and allows easy integration with your own CameraLink image grabbing system.

Xenics Cheetah 640 CL TE3 Technical Specifications
Camera ModelCheetah-640-CL TE3
Array typeInGaAs
Spectral band 0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
Resolution640 x 512
Pixel pitch20 μm
Peak quantum efficiency (QE)80%
ROIC noise High gain: 60 e-; low gain: 400 e-
Conversion gainHigh gain: 20 μV/e-; Low gain: 1.6 μV/e-
Array coolingTE3 - cooled
Pixel operability>99%
Optical interfaceC-mount - Spectrometer holes
Maximum frame rate (full frame)110 Hz
Integration typeSnapshot
Exposure time rangeUp to 20s in HG mode
Window of interestMinimum size 32 x 4
ADC14 bit
Camera controlCameraLink (LCDS voltage levels)
Image acquisitionBase CameraLink (14 bit)
TriggerTrigger in and out (3.3 V CMOS)
Power consumption<4 W without TEC operation; 60 W at maximum cooling
Power supply12 V
Camera coolingWater cooling
Ambient operating temperature range0°C to 50°C
Dimensions (W x H x L mmᵌ)140 x 135 x 90
Weight camera head2 kg