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Channel Systems is a National Instruments Alliance partner with recognized expertise in many of NI's hardware and software products. Our certified LabVIEW developers have extensive experience developing professional applications. With LabVIEW, we can measure anything and control everything.

Professional Application Development

LabVIEW's open architecture allows us to build systems that provide connectivity to any measurement hardware. We can incorporate a new program into existing systems to modernize your system without loss of your hardware investment.

Data acquisition

Motion control

Image acquisition

Instrument control & connectivity

Modular instruments

Industrial monitoring and control


Our applications implement powerful analysis functionality to extract the useful information from any data set. Functions such as frequency analysis, signal generation, mathematics, filtering and statistical analysis give you the power to derive the key elements from your data.



Presentation encompasses data visualization, user interface design, web publishing, report generation, data management and software connectivity. Let our engineers build you a measurement-specific interface that provides a rich, intuitive environment to present your data and control your equipment.



Pylon - Capture More Than an Image

The pylon driver package is designed to operate with all IEEE 1394 and GigE Vision Basler line scan and area scan cameras. The pylon driver offers stable, reliable, flexible image data exchange between Basler cameras and PCs at a very low CPU load. 

The internal architecture of the pylon driver package is based on technology rooted in the GenICam standard and offers you easy access to the latest camera models and features without the need for driver software updates. 

Your benefits from the Basler pylon driver package include: 

  • High bandwith data transfer at a very low CPU load
  • GigE Vision and IEEE 1394 data interface support
  • Area scan and line scan camera support
  • The availability of 32 bit or 64 bit Windows and Linux versions
  • A unified API for all cameras using Windows or Linux
  • Flexible camera supoprt based on the GeniCam standard
  • A live viewer for installations with multiple cameras
  • Compatibility with the most common software development enviroments


A wide compatibility range lets you meet any kind of application requirements and ensures a rapid payback for the time spent in camera/driver integration. Basler pylon supports all of the common technologies required for image processing application development, such as operating systems, programming languages or tools, and third party software packages.


  • Programming Technologies: C / C++
  • Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005, and 2008
  • Operating Systems: 32 bit or 64 bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Linux (from Kernel 2.6)
  • Third Party Software: Basler cameras are supported by all common third party software packages for image processing. The Basler pylon driver package is used for image data transport, and the third party software uses its own driver to perform image processing. Because all camera features are exposed via a GenICam-compliant XML file, you can access all Basler camera features regardless of the software used.