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The New StreamPix 8 digital recording software by NorPix allows for the user to view, control, and capture from single or multiple high-speed cameras. It is ideal for a number of applications including motion analysis, sports finish line imaging, life sciences research, military applications, and asset mapping. This software offers a variety of features including real time video recording at up to 6 Gbytes/second, acquisition in monochrome or colour from a variety of camera interfaces in various formats, easy to use controls and endless customizable settings. With multiple modules available and a wide selection of cameras supported via native API’s, this flexible software offers users a truly unique solution.

StreamPix 8 Modules:

  • BWave Audio Recording: Multi-layered audio recording synchronized
  • Motion Detection: Detect motion or change main image to generate a trigger
  • Colour Remapping LUT: LUT Transformations
  • PrePost Module: Record before and after an event
  • Pulse Generator Module for triggering: Synchronize multiple cameras simultaneously
  • ATS: Accurate Time Source
  • TV out: Secondary full screen
  • LTC: Time stamping for audio and video

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